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About NatureWise

In 2003, our CEO and founder DavidPaul Doyle departed corporate America and his Silicon Valley career for beautiful Ashland, Oregon, where he and his wife co-authored a series of books and started a non-profit to help others restore emotional vitality. For the next 10 years their work took them all over the US, until one day when DavidPaul felt guided toward a new venture—to offer superior products and the kind of support that inspires people to realize their healthy potential.


Believing that health and fitness is integral to emotional wellness, DavidPaul envisioned NatureWise as an opportunity to help people take care of their physical well-being. Investing his financial savings and a lot of sweat equity, DavidPaul founded NatureWise and guided its growth from startup seedling to one of the leading online retailers of nutritional supplements


The ever-changing and often misinterpreted rules of the supplement market have led to a wide variety of product quality. Spam folders are filled with cheap, “quick fix” products for everything from weight loss, to enhancers. This could not be farther from DavidPaul’s vision for NatureWise. From inception to completion, NatureWise products are carefully scrutinized for purity and potency, and claims are supported by well-documented scientific evidence. His vision for educating consumers is reflected in all sales and web content, and speaks to a health-savvy customer base.  

NatureWise Brand Tenets

These core values shape the way NatureWise operates and interacts, both internally and with the outside world.


effective, resourceful, diligent

It’s not just a word we use to describe our products. It’s a value that’s cultivated and applied to every aspect of our company, from product development to customer care.



reliable, trustworthy, real

Your journey to health is an important one, for you and for us. We take our part in that journey seriously, because that’s what our customers deserve. Nothing less will do.



deliberate, passionate, driven

We believe that challenges are good, really good. They're what inspire ingenuity and drive. We understand that success isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. We make a difference together.



positive, active, vital

Each of us has the potential for positive change. We actively seek opportunities for growth and improvement. We turn goals into results.



focused, receptive, connected

To be the best, we have to listen and learn from our customers. We live in a world that’s interconnected, let’s make the most of it!

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