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Tech Support



Phone: (866) ­614-­7375

Tech Support Pass Code:10146506


Admin: Dawn Duran


To contact Salesforce for tech support:

1. Go to Help & Training -- top of SF page
2. Click on the purple box--TECH SUPPORT
3. Click on Contact Us
4. Choose the correct box -- general functionality seems to be the best
5. Choose Network Performance 
5. Click on the best questions and then follow the process through 
6. Submit
7. Salesforce will call or email you back and set up a Go To Meeting with you

Password Issues: Locked out­­Call your SF Administrator to send you a new one or Click on "Forgot My Password" box and reset your PW. Use Doorman to generate new PW. Don't forget to save it in Last Pass. 


Groove Labs Tech Support

Contact: Mike Sutherland

Phone: (650) 800-3610



Phone: (888) ­898-­4591

Security Code: Create Your Own


Admin: Dawn Duran


If you are calling, DavidPaul would like for you to use your own extension. If the issue requires Admin authority, Dawn can temporarily give it to you. Please make sure to have your OWN Security question and answer for your extension. You can create that under Settings: ­­Click on your Extension box, scroll down to Password, click and scroll down to security question and answer.


If the softphone app/icon is not cooperating­­ (maybe it's not showing up or you can't get to reload from your computer after clicking on Downloads),­­ first reboot the computer. If it is still off you may need to download the app again. To do so go to TOOLS and click on Desktop Apps and Download for Mac. Then follow the process to install. If you have a Ring Central issue and have to call tech support. They may ask you what your childhood nickname is. This is for DavidPaul ONLY. It is his access to the Administrative admin for extension 1001.


You must first try to resolve your issues under your own extension. If it requires them to access the admin section, Dawn will issue you temporary access as an administrator. Once you resolve your issue you must let Dawn know, so that she can remove the admin access.


***** Please Make sure your soft­phone is working as well as the RingCentral App in Salesforce. 


Phone: (800) ­576-­3279

Account #: Acct# 921740


Admin: Alex Holowko

Link to Harry's Hints:­resources/harrys­hints




Phone: (805) 568-­1424

Account #: 7952

Website: https://www1.moon­

Admin: Dawn Duran 



Phone: (619) 795-­8459


Admin: Lori Archibald, Noah Gordon


Password Issues:

1. Go to

2. Scroll down to Preferences box 




Password: PW­­M32Sk4KyxX 

Phone: (877) 355-5787

PIN:  45672833

Admin: DavidPaul Doyle


To change personal info, password or login issues, account data, or app:

1. Go to Support Box Login:

2. Enter password

3. Click on Settings Tab (little gear symbol) for help with sharing docs, converting uploaded files, text from PDF files, page display.


For other Drive issues, ie: ­­installing, syncing files, settings­­, go to and click on Google Drive for your Mac/PC and/or Troubleshoot issues.





Admin: Not Assigned


Go to Mac Apps for help with Mac Mail.

 Basic questions go to : 




Admin: DavidPaul Doyle


For a FAQ list and help with PW issues­­­­: 


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